Every child is born with an individual potential.

The development of this potential will be determined largely by the environment in which it grows up.

The phase from the child’s birth to the day he starts school is characterised by mastering of a tremendously wide variety of skills.

It is also a known fact that a child who has the opportunity to come into contact with people, educational objects and apparatus during the impressionable preschool years will develop far more rapidly and extensively than the little one growing up in a deprived environment lacking these items.

At Maja Educare and Matroosfontein Creche we have started the Jumpstart Computer Programme.

The programme is so compiled that it gives careful attention to all different skills in order to include all the needs of a grown child. The skills are as follows:- Motor skills Perceptual skills Speech and language skills Playing skills Emotional and social skills Self care skills\Cognitive skills The most important activity for a child in this phase of his life if play.

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Copying shapes using blocks

There are lots of benefits to playing outside on the jungle gym.