The creche and pre-schools was born out of the war and the good grace of the South African Defence Force.

Our preschool logoThe fact that your children are so carefully and securely nurtured by the National War Memorial Health Foundation is a legacy to the 12 000 servicemen and women who gave their lives during the last war, World War 2.

It is a comforting thought that out of so much blood, sweat and tears so much good has been achieved.

The creche and pre-schools has reached 70 years of dedication to Early Childhood Development, and on looking back what a proud record. Educating the young is what our staff at our various creches and preschools knows best.

The National War Memorial Health Foundation will continue to win this war against the oppression of poverty, ignorance, disease and ill health.

We are striving to make good the vision of those who died to wipe out all such tyrannies. This living memorial will perpetuate the ideals for which South Africa servicemen fought.

So our bell continue to ring and awaken the child from within.